Frank Partridge

Frank Partridge has combined broadcasting with written journalism in his two-pronged media career. Initially specialising in broadcasting, he was a national radio presenter with BBC Radio 1 (Newsbeat), Radio 4 (PM) and World Service (Outlook) before becoming a special correspondent, reporting from more than 40 countries and anchoring BBC radio’s coverage of Nelson Mandela’s release from prison in South Africa that signalled the end of apartheid. At PM, he won a Sony Radio Award for his coverage of Margaret Thatcher’s resignation.

In 1993 Frank became one of the principal anchors on Sky News before returning to the radio studio in 2002 as the drive-time presenter at the re-launched LBC in London. At Sky, Frank anchored two programmes (the Oklahoma bombing and the UN invasion of Kosovo) that won gold awards from the Radio & Television Society.

More recently, Frank has appeared frequently in the UK press, writing for the Independent, the Guardian and the Sunday Times as well as a host of magazines, and he is a visiting lecturer on journalism at the University of London.